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Protect Your Rights in Mediation - Have Us Review Your Agreement

If you are already mediating or about to mediate your divorce with another mediator, make sure someone is watching out for you and only you. We can review your settlement agreement and coach you through the process to make sure your rights are protected. 

Attorney Review Services

A review attorney advises individuals in mediation to make sure their individual legal rights are protected. It's the mediator's job to give an impartial presentation of the issues so the parties can evaluate the deal on their own but, just to make sure, some people hire a "review attorney" to advise them and review the legal papers. Sometimes, a review attorney is hired earlier in the process to give advice behind the scenes and to coach the person during the course of the mediation.   

If there is any power or information imbalance, a review attorney can compensate. Independent review also helps ensure the enforceability of the settlement agreement in the future.  

We offer attorney review services. For cases we mediate, we can refer you to "mediation-friendly" attorneys to serve as your review attorneys.